Small Scale Banner Set (H) – Back Banner Type suits Adeptus Titanicus / Epic etc


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This set is printed to a high standard in ceramic gray photopolymer resin.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

This 27 part can be built into a single back banner in a large number of ways.

It is designed for easy transport to be attached to its mount by means of the included magnets.

The mount is ball jointed to allow setting in a variety of positions and on a wide range of models.

This kit is compatible with the previous PLA version with minimal work (if you use the same magnet polarity).

Revised design – this kit is now printed in resin with pre-curved banners and finer detail than previous versions.

Painted example using previous PLA / FDM print. The new resin version is far superior.

This set can be used either with printed paper banners or using the pre-curved resin banners.

Cleanup will be required and is most easily done with a sharp, new #11 x-acto blade.

Miniatures pictured are not included, and are for illustrative purposes only.

Designs are under constant revision and improvement. As such, the product may vary slightly from pictured.




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