Small Scale Banner Set (A) suits Adeptus Titanicus / Epic etc

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This set is printed to a high standard in ceramic gray photopolymer resin.

Supplied unpainted and unassembled.

This 8 part set consists of 2 8mm wide Banners and Hangers, 1 10mm wide Banner and Hanger and 1 16mm wide Banner and Hanger.

Revised design – this kit is now printed in resin with pre-curved banners and finer detail than previous versions.

This set can be used either with printed paper banners as pictured or using the pre-curved resin banners.

Cleanup will be required and is most easily done with a sharp, new #11 x-acto blade.

Miniatures pictured are not included, and are for illustrative purposes only.

Designs are under constant revision and improvement. As such, the product may vary slightly from pictured.


2 reviews for Small Scale Banner Set (A) suits Adeptus Titanicus / Epic etc

  1. s.edwards21 (verified owner)

    Once opened they look more intimidating than they actually are . Bit of patience and they clean up very well . Would highly recommend . If Winterdyne could make transfer sheets it would be an awesome addition

  2. poveroyorick (verified owner)

    It took me a long time to finally find the time to work on these standards, but I must say they re amazing. The frame got away without any trouble, and the item was left intact. It takes a little more heat than standard resin to flex, but it is just perfect as it doesn’t crumble or melt like wax! I warmly suggest it!

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