‘No Effort’ 2P / 25mm to 32mm Base Adapter Rings / Converters (Necromunda / Skirmish / Historical)


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These adapter rings are 3d printed to a high standard in premium black matte PLA.

It’s ready to use straight away – no painting needed!

This set consists of 10 Adapter Rings which will hold a 2p (26.1mm) coin flush with the top of the ring, protecting the edge of the coin and preserving basework.

These rings will also hold a standard bevelled 25mm base. If you’re solely going to be adapting 25mm bases, you should use the 25mm to 32mm Base Adapter Rings available in the same store category as these.

The outer dimensions of the ring and top dimension of the held base are the same as a standard GW 32mm base.

Miniatures pictured are not included, and are for illustrative purposes only.

Designs are under constant revision and improvement. As such, the product may vary slightly from pictured.


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