Highlands Miniatures Orc Army Bundle – Suits Warhammer The Old World/Fantasy Battles/Kings of War/Dragon Rampant – 28-32mm Scale


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Highlands Miniatures Orc Army Bundle

This set is comprised of:
– 1 Borgok Skullcrusher
– 1 Orc Shaman
– 40 Orc Warriors With Hand Weapons and Shields
– 2 Orc Warriors Command
– 20 Orc Archers

– 1 Orc Archers Command
– 3 Cave Trolls
– 1 Orc Boar Chariot
– 1 Orc Stonethrower

Ever want to start your own army of Brutal but Cunning Orcs? Well now you can! This set contains enough Orcs to fill out a 1000pt list for Warhammer Fantasy Battles or The Old World (With a bit of wiggle room for magic items and upgrades), filling out Character, Core, Special and Rare unit slots for a balanced starter army.

Suitable in scale for Games Workshop’s Warhammer The Old World, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Mantic – Kings of War, Osprey – Dragon Rampant or any other 28mm to 32mm Fantasy Wargame.

This product is printed to a high standard in ceramic grey photopolymer resin.

Support material is removed after printing but some small pieces may remain. These can be removed with needle-nose tweezers or a sharp #11 x-acto knife.

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.


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