Highlands Miniatures Dwarf Organ Gun – Suits Warhammer The Old World/Fantasy Battles/Kings of War/Dragon Rampant – 28-32mm Scale


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Highlands Miniatures Dwarf Organ Gun Siege Engine

This set is comprised of:
– 1 Dwarf Organ Gun Siege Engine.
– 3 Dwarf Siege Engine Crew.
– 1 Stone Barricade.
– 1 50mm square base.
– 3 25mm square base.

Volleys of cannonballs from this Dwarven engine of war shatter armored units and mince infantry!

Suitable in scale for Games Workshop’s Warhammer The Old World, Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Mantic – Kings of War, Osprey – Dragon Rampant or any other 28mm to 32mm Fantasy Wargame.

This product is printed to a high standard in ceramic grey photopolymer resin.

Support material is removed after printing but some small pieces may remain. These can be removed with needle-nose tweezers or a sharp #11 x-acto knife.

Models supplied unpainted and unassembled.

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Dwarf Engineer

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