‘No Effort’ Movement Frame G40 (40mm 2-1 Flexible)


Flexible frame for 3x 40mm round base models.

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Flexible frame for 3x 40mm round base models.


We’ve found no other manufacturers offering anything even remotely similar!

This movement frame is 3d printed to a high standard in premium black matte PLA.

It’s ready to use straight away – no painting needed!

This frame is suitable for 40mm round bevelled bases. Flat sided bases will be a very snug fit!

This frame comes assembled and is in a 2-1 flexible chain of sockets. Can be wrapped around in contact with bases as small as 25mm diameter.

We also sell the kits to link any two of the same type of our Movement Frames together – a different kit is needed for each type (25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm).

This allows you to move a whole group of 3 models at once.

Miniatures pictured are not included, and are for illustrative purposes only.

Designs are under constant revision and improvement. As such, the product may vary slightly from pictured.


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